AS&K Workshops

Item Writing

AS&K offers a two-hour webinar or a one day workshop in which participants learn the principles of good item writing. The benefits and limitations of different item types are discussed. Participants learn how to apply the 40 rules of good item writing and how they contribute to the development of valid, reliable, and legally defensible assessments. The focus of the item writing is on multiple choice items. The target audience for the workshop is anyone who prepares objective written tests, especially those in training organizations.

Survey Design & Analysis

AS&K offers a one day workshop in which participants learn how to design surveys. Participants learn the five steps in creating a high quality survey, how to write instructions, determine sample size and sample selection, choice of a rating scale, how to write questions, and strategies for analyzing the results to achieve greater levels of business intelligence. Participants receive tips on the impact of important survey implementation decisions on the quality of survey results. Survey software tools are reviewed. Participants learn how to judge the quality of a survey – using qualitative and quantitative criteria. The target audience is those who have responsibility for creating surveys of any kind, including customer satisfaction surveys, employee opinion surveys, multi-rater or 360 surveys, training evaluation surveys, to name a few.

Test Design & Analysis

AS&K offers a one day workshop in which participants learn how to design and evaluate objective tests. Participants learn about the different types of test questions, how to create a test blueprint, how to write high quality questions, qualitative and quantitative criteria to determine the quality of a test, how to set a passing score, how to assess legal risk, calculating return on investment, and important test administration decisions and how they affect the quality of the test results. The target audience is those who have the responsibility for creating fair, legally defensible, and accurate objective assessments of job candidates or employees of any kind, including employment tests, tests for promotion or accreditation, training tests, and tests to identify skill gaps, among others.

Performance Consulting

AS&K offers a one day workshop in which training and human resources professionals learn to apply principles of business process analysis and six sigma in their jobs in order to become true performance consultants in their organizations. Participants learn what it means to be a performance consultant, the steps in successful performance consulting, how to analyze business processes and identify skill gaps and opportunities for improvement, how to interview key stakeholders, analyze key process inputs and outputs, techniques for root cause analysis, calculating return on investment, and basic concepts and statistical methods from six sigma that are important for successful performance consulting. The target audience is those in human resources and training organizations who have the responsibility to support organizational improvement efforts, including reducing turnover, improving productivity, closing skill gaps, improving customer satisfaction, to name a few.