AS&K Consulting Services

AS&K’s industrial psychologists work with clients to create new competency models or customize them to meet unique client needs. AS&K uses advanced psychometric methods to ensure the quality of the assessment tools developed. The competency model development performed by AS&K’s industrial psychologists comply with professional guidelines and standards to ensure their legal defensibility.

Examples of AS&K Consulting Projects include:

Customer Satisfaction

AS&K led an initiative to revise a customer satisfaction survey used to establish key dashboard metrics for a global technology firm. AS&K created a bank of customers’ satisfaction questions, a sampling and administrative procedure, and key business reports. From the bank of question, a targeted subset is chosen that best matches the set of services purchased by the customer.

Employee Satisfaction

AS&K developed and administers an annual “culture” survey to all employees in a global chemical engineering firm. The survey assesses the employees’ opinions about the leadership, operational performance, product quality, and other critical organizational characteristics. AS&K analyzes the data, provides reports for all vice president organizations, and assists the vice presidents develop and implement action plans.

A Knowledge Test for Health Care

AS&K developed end-of-training multiple choice tests of sales representatives’ product and competitor knowledge for a global pharmaceutical company. The test results were analyzed by AS&K to evaluate their quality and demonstrate the relationship between learning mastery and job performance.

Finance Competency Model

AS&K developed a comprehensive accounting and finance department competency model for a large retail clothing company. The competency model included financial analysis and reporting, tax, accounting, and auditing groups. The competency model was used to develop interview guides, provide career planning information for employees, and create job descriptions.