The AS&K Approach

You have a survey. You have a test or an assessment. How do you know it really works?

AS&K offers three services for your customer or employee surveys and assessments.

  1. Content Development

    Are you asking the right questions? Is your survey or assessment content measuring the right stuff? Too many leaders make decisions from flawed measurements tools. AS&K creates or revises survey and assessment content - instructions, rating scales, questions, and other design features.
  2. Psychometrics

    How do you know that your survey or assessment tool works as intended? AS&K uses basic and advanced psychometric techniques to ensure that your measurements are reliable and valid. We fix flawed surveys and assessments--we make good surveys and assessments better.
  3. Statistical Analysis

    Crosstabs aren't enough. The most valuable insights often require more complex statistical methods and data modeling. AS&K uses basic and advanced statistical methods to uncover the patterns, trends, and relationship hidden in your data. We ensure you gain the maximum possible business intelligence from your data.
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Organizational Leadership, Culture, & Employee Engagement Learning & Development Human Capital Acquisition & Retention
Are you asking the right questions? Are you getting the most out of your customer satisfaction surveys and customer data? Are you getting all of the business intelligence you can out of your investment in leadership and organizational surveys? The big consulting firms provide tabulation of results, not insightful analysis. How effective is your training? Are you teaching the right stuff? You cannot improve workforce competence if you don’t measure it. Are you hiring and promoting the right people? Are your assessments legally defensible? Are you sure your top people aren’t going to leave?
- Design customer satisfaction surveys, including look and feel, instructions, rating scale, choice of demographics, and survey statements. - Design leadership, organizational culture, employee engagement, and employee satisfaction surveys. - Design competency models course design and needs analysis. - Conduct job and cognitive task analyses.
- Statistically analyze survey responses using advanced methods to gain deeper insights. - Statistically analyze survey responses using advanced methods to gain deeper insights. - Conduct training needs analysis. - Develop and validate employment tests.
- Integrate survey and other customer data to create predictive models. - Integrate survey and other organizational data to create predictive models. - Perform training, curriculum, and program evaluation (Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Analysis) - Conduct turnover study designs and analysis.
- Conduct qualitative or quantitative comment analysis. - Conduct qualitative or quantitative comment analysis. - Develop student assessments and evaluation tools. - Design and evaluate a performance management system.
- Conduct customer segmentation studies. - Conduct adverse impact analyses.
      - Perform workforce planning analyses.

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Quantitative Techniques Used

  • Basic descriptive and inferential statistical methods (correlations, t-tests, ANOVA)
  • Non-parametric statistical methods
  • Multivariate statistical methods (MANOVA, discriminant analysis, multidimensional scaling, correspondence analysis)
  • Item analysis, reliability analysis, generalizability analysis
  • Item response theory methods (Rasch and 2PL)
  • General linear model, linear and logistic regression analysis, hierarchical linear modeling
  • Structural equation modeling (path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis)